Administrators: How to link ArbiterPay to BlueZebra account

To begin, you will need an ArbiterPay account. If you do not have an ArbiterPay account, you can create one on their website. Once you have an ArbiterPay account, you have two "sets" of credentials:

  • You have a username and password, which are the credentials you use to login to the ArbiterPay website.
  • You also have an ArbiterPay Account Number and Security Key. Both of these are numeric, the account number is 8-10 digits, and the Security Key is a 4 digit number. On the BlueZebra website, you will use the Account Number and Security Key.
    • If you aren't sure what your Account Number is, you'll need to login to RefPay to view it. Just click the "Accounts" menu item from within ArbiterPay.
    • If you aren't sure what your Security Key is, you can change it from the "My Profile" menu item:
        • click My Profile
        • click Profile Settings
        • click Modify
        • check the Reset Security Key checkbox
        • provide a new Security Key and answer the security question
        • click Save

If you are unable to login to, you will need to contact ArbiterPay directly. They can be reached at 801-576-9436, or


To enable ArbiterPay in your BlueZebra account:

  • For officials, click the "Pay" tab and then click on "Link My ArbiterPay Account."



  • For administrators, use the Financials: ArbiterPay menu command. Enter your RefPay Account Number and Security Key into the site, then click the "Link My ArbiterPay Account" button.
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