Officials and Coaches: How to send a video to the Coordinator for review

After logging into your account, click on "Video."

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 1.59.11 PM.png

Then click the blue "Upload Video" tab.

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 2.01.53 PM.png

Next, click the blue "Select Video" tab to locate your video, or drag and drop the video anywhere within this screen.

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 2.12.53 PM.png

Next, click the blue "My Videos" tab in the bottom of the screen and click on the video you want the coordinator to review.

At the bottom of the video you selected, a box will present where you can type in your questions or comments for the coordinator. After you have finished typing within this box, click the blue "Save Changes" tab for an email to be sent to the coordinator alerting them they have a video to review.

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 2.19.24 PM.png

You will receive an email when the coordinator has responded to your video. To view the response go to "My Videos" and click on the video you submitted for review.

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    John J Sweeney

    Is there a coach's evaluation form on BlueZebra?

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