OfficialHUB Payments / 1099s

For conferences transitioning from the decommissioned OfficialHUB, we have imported all of the relevant payment information into our system and those payments will be included on 2023 1099s.

Imported OfficialHUB payments show up for users as a single payment on Dec 30, 2023. Users can view this by going to the Pay page under Recent Payments:


There is a separate payment for each conference. Users can click on the payment description to go to a payment detail page where they can view all games / payments imported from the OfficialHUB as follows (the appropriate conference name will appear in the Payment for / Paid by fields):

These payments are included in the year-end totals for 1099s issued to users.

ADMINS: Note that the individual payments imported from the OfficialHUB will not show up on regular payment reports as those payments were not made through BlueZebra. However, the amounts will be appropriately included on 1099 Summary reports and when you Generate 1099s.

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